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foster famly debate - Julia Bentley ANTH CLASS Debate:...

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Julia Bentley ANTH CLASS Debate: Group 1 Group 1: Why women in refugee camps are better off with a foster family. Cultural context “Southern Sudanese societies, in common with all societies, have an ideal about how they care for children and arrange marriages. However, even in peaceful times people cannot always behave in the ideal manner. Now that war has affected the society for so many years, it is even more difficult for children and especially girls to be cared for and protected in the way that meets the highest standards of the Southern Sudanese cultures.” (Mapendo International) Child Development “In the traditional culture, a girl lived at home with both parents until her marriage which took place a year or so after her first menstrual period. When very small, both boys and girls usually stayed with their mothers in the main villages. At about 6 years of age they began to have small jobs helping with cattle, getting firewood and water. From 6 to 12 years old, boys took care of baby cows at the village when the mother cows went out to graze. About 9 years old, girls milked cows for people, gave milk to the small children and then to the old people.” (Mapendo International) Presumably the foster family would provide protection against the dangers within the refugee camp, primarily rape. Provides a family environment for them after the war that took their parents
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foster famly debate - Julia Bentley ANTH CLASS Debate:...

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