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reflection 1 - Julia Bentley SHIP ANTH February 3, 2008...

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Julia Bentley SHIP ANTH February 3, 2008 Reflection Journal Scrounging up one thing to concentrate this essay on was difficult, but at last I have resolved my self to discussing the movie, which was incredible! What struck me the hardest was the boy’s incredible resolve within them selves. The drive, the determination, and their incredible strength shook me to the point that every time we watched it in class I left feeling ridiculously sad, and a bit pathetic reflecting on my own life. The way they lead their lives, with the knowledge that they can overcome anything, is so inspiring to me. The whole movie was beautifully done, I really enjoy documentaries that just show something, where no commentary is needed by the actual makers of the movie. I think it really speaks volumes about creativity, and how interesting the subject is. I cannot comprehend the amount of pain and suffering that these lost boys have experienced. There is no way I can; I have grown up here, where life is completely and utterly different. Where pain is something we feel should be avoided at all costs. Where ones self-esteem revolves around their looks, or how other people receive them. It’s never about loving yourself for who you are, it’s always about what others think. These boys from the Sudan know who they are, they have seen things we will never see, and
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reflection 1 - Julia Bentley SHIP ANTH February 3, 2008...

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