ED PSY Chp1 Questions

ED PSY Chp1 Questions - principles from your study of...

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EDPSY 014 Chapter 1: Educational Psychology: A Foundation for  Teaching 1.  What can educational psychology provide teachers? 2.  What is  pedagogical knowledge ? And what does your author identify as  pedagogically sound teacher actions? 3.  Can good teaching be taught? 4.  What are  intentional  teachers and  teacher efficacy ? What did Bandura’s research  reveal about teachers who possess  teacher efficacy ? 5.  How does your author believe intentional te4achers become expert? 6.  What role do  theories  play in teaching? What is the difference between a principle, a  law and a theory?  Keep this in mind: on the final exam, I am likely to ask you what 
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Unformatted text preview: principles from your study of educational psychology are most likely to guide your practice as a teacher. 7. Where do teachers learn their most important lessons about teaching? 8. What kind of research is carried out by educational psychologists? Concepts to consider: • Validity: internal & external • Experimental & Non-experimental research • Randomization & Random assignment EDPSY 014 • Experimental study: control group, experimental group, single case experiments • Ethnography, Ethnographic study and Descriptive research (naturalistic observation) • Correlational study: positive and negative correlations...
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ED PSY Chp1 Questions - principles from your study of...

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