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Reflection 2 - Julia Bentley Reflection Journal What are we...

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Julia Bentley Reflection Journal February 17, 2008 What are we doing? Throughout this class I have realized more and more, the strange complexities of my own culture, and by using a mix of cultural and social anthropology, I have made some interesting observations. While reading What is the What, I could not help but laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of this country we call America. The questions, and all the confusion experienced by Achak during his time in America have let me see a different side of America. This side that I speak of makes no sense; it is one that seems to only exist to fill our boredom, our restlessness, and our amazing capacity to consume anything and everything. What are we doing here? Is the only question I could muster while trying to articulate my frustration, reading the book, and reflecting back on my own culture. This is probably the most interesting thing I have learned thus far about the study of Anthropology; the reflection back on our own culture, after learning so intensely about someone else’s. It gives you a different prospective, one that is so valuable I think, in order to stay humble, or even to stay sane. What first caught my attention and what made me decide on this theme, was Achak’s utter confusion on who Jane Fonda was, and why she had been so successful. It was very refreshing to me to see a person who had no knowledge of American celebrity culture, someone who was not yet consumed by American media bulls#%*. Excuse my French…
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What is it like to have that kind of perspective when entering a place like America? To have absolutely no previous knowledge of the everyday life we lead here.
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Reflection 2 - Julia Bentley Reflection Journal What are we...

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