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Kitt Honesty - Being a perspective or future student of CU...

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Being a perspective or future student of CU Boulder is a very exciting role for many. Once you have been accepted it is time to start the obligatory housing search. And with all the different housing options it is no wonder people end up in places thy wish they had not. All the dorms offer something different; from RAP programs, to location, different room styles, and offer a wide variety of social differences. But I am here to tell you the ins and outs of the Kittredge Community. Oh yes, the one you may have read about in the brochures as the quiet, community oriented village. I am sure the brochure also provided you with a diverse crowd of happy students, all laughing hysterically while studying at the Hard Drive cafe. But let’s get down to business: you need to know all about Kittredge. Now, I don’t know about you but my first question about Kittredge was: What is the food like? Well, perspective student, the food is not good. I will say that bluntly and honestly, and I have complete confidence that everyone who lives in Kittredge will tell you the same thing. Every morning (and when I say every morning I mean it literally), we are served greasy eggs (which are made from a combination of egg powder and water), bacon, potatoes, and an assortment of melon (which is actually quite good). You will know when dinner or lunch is bad, by the number of people straying away from the line and heading for the sandwich/panini station (this will happen frequently). The only dinner I look forward to is Fajita night. Everyone really turns out for Fajita night; some even plan their strategy before entering the dining hall. “Fajita night, especially the chili
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Kitt Honesty - Being a perspective or future student of CU...

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