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Zoology 110 (Bronson) Fall 2018 Study Guide: Lecture Exam II Exam covers lectures from September 26 through October 26 Terms to Define 1. Dioecious 2. Monoecious 3. Gill 4. Lung 5. Tracheae 6. Air Sacs 7. Hemoglobin 8. Exocrine Gland 9. Endocrine Gland 10. Hormone 11. Neurohypophysis 12. Adenohypophysis 13. Tropic Hormones 14. Central Nervous System 15. Peripheral Nervous System 16. Ganglion 17. Nerve Net 18. Reflex Arc 19. Action potential 20. Pheromones 21. Echolocation 22. Cytokines 23. Immunity 24. Monocyte 25. Lymphocyte 26. Xenograft 27. Allograft 28. Mutualism 29. Commensalism 30. Parasitism 31. Choanoflagellate 32. Choanocyte 33. Cnidocyte 34. Nematocyst 35. Zooxanthellae 36. Pharynx 37. Rhabdite 38. Digenetic 39. Monogenetic 40. Flame Cell 41. Solenocyte 42. Parthenogenesis 43. Zooid 44. Polyembryony 45. Trochophore 46. Lophophore 47. Radula 48. Adductor muscle 49. Clitellum 50. Cuticle 51. Mandible 52. Setae 53. Gonopore 54. Chelicerae 55. Exoskeleton 56. Book Gills 57. Carapace 58. Parasitoid 59. Eusociality 60. Bioluminescence 1
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Concepts to Explain Respiratory System Respiration by diffusion vs. using a respiratory system Tracheal system of insects Two main types of vertebrate respiratory organs and how they function External vs. internal gills (incl. ram ventilation vs. buccal pumping) Buccal force pump of amphibians Cutaneous respiration Negative vs. positive pressure in lung ventilation Countercurrent exchange The one-way flow of air through a bird respiratory system How hemoglobin affinity for oxygen is related to partial pressure of O 2 and pH Endocrine System The function of hormones (generally) Structure of the pituitary gland The function of specific hormones: Melanophore Stimulating Hormone Prolactin Growth Hormone Thyrotropin (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) Adrenocorticotropic Hormone Gonadotropins (FSH & Luteinizing Hormone) Oxytocin Antidiuretic Hormone (= vasopressin/ADH) Thyroid hormones Function of the thyroid gland & the result of iodine deficiency Nervous System The composition of white & gray matter, and why they look different The function of the efferent peripheral nervous system Sensory (afferent) nerves versus motor (efferent) nerves The function of the autonomic nervous system: Sympathetic vs. Parasympathetic divisions How the myelin sheath speeds up an action potential (saltatory conduction) The difference between electrical & chemical synapses What happens at a chemical synapse (e.g. using acetylcholine) The Senses Types of receptors and the stimuli to which they respond: Chemoreceptors, mechanoreceptors, photoreceptors, thermoreceptors, electroreceptors, and nociceptors For each sense: The organ and receptor used to perceive the stimulus Explain the difference between free nerve endings and Pacinian corpuscles in the skin Explain the function of the lateral line system in fishes Explain the function of the vertebrate eye: retina, cornea, lens, iris, rods, and cones Electroreception in fishes: specialized organs of sharks & what electricity is used for in fishes Immune System Innate Immunity vs. Acquired (Adaptive) Immunity Noncellular innate immunity vs. cellular innate immunity
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