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Name: . Student Number: . Webinar Number: . Week 2 Problem Set: Due Mon. Jan. 21, by 5:00pm Please print out this PDF, and write out all the answers to the questions in the spaces provided. Then, take photographs or a scan of your work, go to Quercus, and submit the image(s) as a File Upload for this Problem Set. For this week’s problem set, you need to watch a video of your professor making waves on a “PASCO Transverse Wave Motion Demonstrator”. This is a series of steel rods that are attached at their centers to a torsion wire. When one rod at the end is oscillated up and down, a sine-wave pattern propagates along all the other rods at a certain speed. In the video, the time is recorded in seconds since I first start oscillating the left end, and the metre-stick labels cm. 1. Watch the video carefully, and fill in the table below with your best estimates of the speed and
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