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1 ECE 3020A Homework 2, Spring 2018 Due date: Monday, Feb 26, 12:00 PM You are required to complete this assignment INDIVIDUALLY. Write on only one side of each sheet of paper using a dark pencil or pen in order to produce a clear scanned copy. Clearly PRINT your name at the top of each sheet. You are responsible for ensuring that your scanned pdf file is readable and successfully uploaded to Canvas. Problem 1 -A Chevy dealer is selling two cars from a collection of 6 Impalas, 7 Malibus, and 4 Corvettes. How many choices are possible if: (a) The two cars are the same model. (b) The two cars are different model. Problem 2 - In the following grid, to move from A to B, you can step up or right at each move. How many different paths from A to B are possible? Problem 3- In a computer crime investigation, the special agent in charge is 60 percent sure of the guilt of suspect
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