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1 Precalculus (Math 107 or 115) Readiness Check The intent of these exercises is to help you decide whether you are ready for a university transferable precalculus course (Math 107 or Math 115) or whether you should first upgrade your math skills by refreshing with Math 137 Algebra & Triangle Trigonometry. All the questions in the following exercises have full solutions. If you find yourself frequently turning to the solutions to help you answer the questions, this is a sign that your background is deficient on this topic. It is important that you be honest with yourself; that is, are you just a bit rusty and the material will come back to you or do you need a comprehensive review. It is unrealistic to think that you can relearn algebra and trigonometry at the same time as you are learning the more advanced concepts and methods in a UT precalculus course. If you struggle with most of the problems or do not remember a large proportion of this material, then likely you are not ready for Math 107 or 115 and will want to register in Math137. If you can work through many of the questions but it takes a while and you struggle with some of them, then likely you are ready for Math107. This is the easier of the two precalculus courses and is designed to prepare you for Math108 (Applied Calculus). If you can do most of the questions, find some of them easy and struggle with just a few, then you are ready for Math115. This is the more challenging precalculus course that will prepare you for Math100. If you are feeling uncertain as to how to proceed, then please talk with a math instructor or the Chair of the Mathematics and Statistics Department for help choosing the right course and strategy for you. 1
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