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Unformatted text preview: ♫ Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch ♫ By Cataquack Warrior Version 4.2 We’ll leave on a journey heading to the other side of the sun and wind… ♫ Welcome to the world of Mermaid Melody, where mermaid princesses search for love on land and fight evil both above and below the sea as magical [singing] girls. It has a loose connection to The Little Mermaid, if the tale was in Japan and involved magical girls and sea demons and high school comedy antics. But that love-touched legend is constantly tied to the future, so surely many dreams will come true in this adventure. So smile, and sing again. ♫ You receive 1000 Pichi Pearl Points (PPP) to start out. Now come to the blue sea, come on! Among the waves and blue sky, you will find us, live with us, and see. ♫ ♫ Table of Contents ♫ Song 1: Location ..................................................................................... 3 Song 2: Background ................................................................................ 5 Song 3: Perks .......................................................................................... 8 Song 4: Items ........................................................................................ 22 ............................................................................. Song 6: Drawbacks ............................................................................... 45 Song 7: Curtain Call .............................................................................. 55 Song 8: Notes........................................................................................ 57 Song 9: Credits ...................................................................................... 60 ♫ Song 1 ~ Location ♫ First, let’s see where your journey will begin. Of course, the seas are vast, so feel free to explore other parts of the oceans as you wish. Roll a 1d8 to determine which ocean you start in; pay 50 PPP to choose. 1. North Pacific Ocean- The calmest of the oceans, with the respective mermaid kingdom yet to face the encroaching darkness of Panthalassa. The princess has recently gone ashore on a mission, and can be found in Japan at the Pearl Piari hotel. 2. South Pacific Ocean- One of the first kingdoms to have fallen to Panthalassa’s darkness, with the princess presumed captured. 3. North Atlantic Ocean- The kingdom has recently fallen to Panthalassa. 4. South Atlantic Ocean- Like the other kingdoms, this ocean has recently been overpowered by darkness. However, a number of the mermaids have managed to escape and regroup. 5. Antarctic Ocean- Though the southernmost kingdom has yet to fall to the darkness, its princess has left to save her twin sister. 6. Arctic Ocean- This frigid ocean has remained relatively safe from attack, but the princess was captured while assisting the North Atlantic kingdom. 7. Indian Ocean- Although this kingdom has not been attacked by Panthalassa, it is still recovering from a terrible disaster eight years ago, when the kingdom was wrecked in a storm and the princess vanished. 8. Free Choice Drop-In Humans wash ashore on some piece of land connected to the respective ocean, while Local Humans live on a coast bordering that ocean. The tail and hair colors of mermaids vary depending on their home ocean.* For Sea Creatures and Air Spirits, select an animal indigenous to your region for the basis of your form. ♫ Song 2 ~ Background ♫ Let’s see, then: who exactly are you? There are a number of different possibilities in this world, so choose whichever you like from the options below. Pay 50 PPP to select your gender and age. Otherwise, go with the same gender from your last jump; however, mermaids are all female, making you automatically a girl. For your age, roll a 1d8+10. Human- You can either start as a native (Local) of this world (roll a 1d12+8 for age) or come as you are without any past history here (Drop-In). You may be more bound to the land than other races, but there is always a song to be heard past the shore, calling you to new discoveries. Mermaid- One of the most graceful beings in the ocean, the mermaid is known for her beautiful voice (and the princesses’ are even more wondrous). The mermaid kingdoms rule the seven seas, with a princess ruling each ocean. Unfortunately, between the recent devastation of the Indian Ocean kingdom (along with the disappearance of the princess) and the attacks by the revived Panthalassa kingdom, things aren’t all good under the sea for you. Although a mermaid can turn into human on land, it is said that she will turn to foam if she reveals her identity to a human; however, it doesn’t count if the human finds out on his or her own. In any case, you can transform into a human form whenever you are on land; however, as soon as you touch water, you turn back into a mermaid. And no, there are no males, so consider this an automatic female option. Sea Creature- Mermaids are not the only fish in the sea. Much of the marine life across the world is intelligent, from coral to stingrays to penguins to dolphins, and can often assume humanoid forms. Unlike mermaids, who become fully human in appearance, sea creatures usually retain some physical trait of their true self, such as gills on your face or fins on your back; even so, in most cases these tells can be covered up. Many of the sea’s inhabitants remain loyal to the mermaid kingdoms, but others have sworn service to Panthalassa. Panthalassa- You are one of the few remaining heirs to the lost Kingdom of Panthalassa. Having human forms yet able to live in and manipulate water, the Panthalassa once ruled an empire that stretched across the world. Sadly, the race had a cursed fate and sought power through darkness, until Aqua Regina destroyed the kingdom and sealed its last king away. Perhaps you are seeking to revive the dark kingdom, or maybe you are just trying to live your own life somewhere on land. Panthalassa also have enhanced regenerative abilities, helping you recover from injuries and illnesses quicker. Air Spirit- You are some sort of flying, humanoid being – perhaps a bat, a butterfly, or an angel – created to serve the Ancient Ones, who preceded even Panthalassa. The Ancient Ones have been lost for ages, but soon it may be your time to rise once more and reclaim the planet from these lesser descendants. ♫ Song 3 ~ Perks ♫ It is with great strength that you know that one day you’ll see the seas shining beyond the horizon. ♫ Your heart itself is a precious treasure that gives you power, but here are a few more to buy. All discounts are 50% off. Call of the Sea (50 PPP)- You gain the ability to communicate with all forms of marine wildlife; they will understand your own language when you speak to them, and you can understand their languages when they speak. You can still learn to talk with them in the jump without the perk, but you need the perk for it to work in later jumps. Champ (100 PPP, Free Human)- You are skilled in a variety of sports, especially a specific one of your choice (surfing, boxing, soccer, etc.). As a result, you have a cool persona that attracts many fans and crushes. Plus, your experience in sports makes you more athletic and hardier, which may come in handy in battle. Can be purchased multiple times, but after the first time for humans it becomes discounted instead of free. Knew All Along (200 PPP, Discount Human)- When you put your mind to it, you can connect the different identities of an individual and realize that they are the same person. Furthermore, you can hide that you know until you wish to reveal it. You can eventually expand this skill to unlock other secrets that people are hiding. Rainbow Notes (300 PPP, Discount Human)- While mermaids are superior singers, humans invented the art of song to begin with. You are now gifted in the art of music composition, and can creatively piece together the notes and lyrics for new songs effortlessly. In fact, your songs are good enough such that, when sung or played by a magical being such as a mermaid, or someone with magical music like a fantasy bard, they have magical powers of their own. And the greatest thing about music is that it is a treasure that can be shared with anyone. You can teach your songs, even magical ones, to companions and other pupils willing to learn. Please also note that the perk also applies to other musical forms outside of singing, such as the piano, as well as other things such as dancing, prayers, and spell chants. Temperature of Love (400 PPP, Discount Human)- Compared to the other races, it may seem like humans can’t do much, but don’t worry – this isn’t a world made up of just strong people, so listen to the love in your heart and find your real strength there. Love can burn like the sun, and drive out the worst of darkness. You can resist and snap out of mind control effects, whether magical, psionic, technological, or mundane, whenever someone you care about is in danger. Furthermore, by launching just a single physical attack on the source of the mind control, you can dispel all effects of said source on its victims. The perk also strengthens your willpower to endure incredible pain to defend your loved ones. Jumper, Jumper, and Jumper (600 PPP, Discount Drop-In Human)- There was once a rumor about Pichi Pichi Pitch’s writer Michiko Yokote that her name was in fact a pen name for a group of several individual writers working in collaboration; it was in fact a fabrication she invented herself. You can now split yourself into three separate copies. Although most of your powers are divided evenly, each of you retains your full intellect, including intelligence-associated perks, and can function independently. When you are finished, you can merge your three selves back together, with the knowledge of each combining into your memories. On the flipside, when you are a single person, you can create up to three separate identities to yourself that people, even if you use the same name for each identity, will become convinced are separate individuals. Almost Human (600 PPP, Discount Local Human)- A lot of the humans in the setting, at least the main characters, turn out in the end to be not entirely human – or not at all – by the end of the story. Whenever you have a nonhuman body form, you can shift to an alternate human form that embodies characteristics of that nonhuman form. While you will have the appearance of a human, and physical and magical scans will identify you as human, you retain special attributes and abilities of that nonhuman species, with up to 75% of the power level normally accessible to that species. For instance, a Pokémon’s human form would be considered human and immune to ball capture, but you could access Pokémon attacks even if they could normally only work with a Pokémon body Also, within this jump only, you can choose to start out as actually another background species of your choice who is taking the form of a human form for the duration of the jump; you will not get discounts for that second background, but you can access a fair degree of the special abilities that that background normally has. Hidden Treasure Box (100 PPP, Free Mermaid)- What is the greatest treasure that a mermaid hides when on land? Her true identity, for it could spell her doom. Now, as long as you will it, nobody will be able to connect your different forms with each other and realize that they’re all the same person. Even if your mermaid or Pearl Voice forms suspiciously resemble your human form, even enemies who have fought you up close will never realize the truth. However, you can toggle with the degree of secrecy, as there may be some people who you want to open the treasure box and discover your secret. Jump Pearl Voice (200 PPP, Discount Mermaid)- Deep inside of you, there is a melody calling out in your heart, a fantastic poetry that needs you to bring it to life! ♫ There are only supposed to be seven princesses, but Jump-chan decided to make an exception. By activating your pearl with the catchphrase, “Jump Pearl Voice,” your pearl turns into a microphone and you undergo a transformation into a human, magical girl. You can maintain this form even underwater. Now your songs are truly magical – and I mean literally! Evil people and those devoted to darkness will find your songs incredibly painful, and take damage as if you were directly attacking them. The songs also have the effect of dispelling hypnotic effects on victims, creating a protective shield of sorts around the singers, and other special abilities. If enough passion and power is put into the songs, there is even enough power to summon or dispel tsunamis. However, if you take enough damage or use up enough of your energy, the transformation ceases and you return to your normal self. In addition, while you can sing songs you already know, the perk does not come with the ability to invent songs; mermaids instinctually know certain songs, but others you will have to be taught by someone. If the perk is used by a species that is not a mermaid and lacks a pearl, you manifest your microphone in some other manner, such as from a part of your body. Would You Like An Encore? (300 PPP, Discount Mermaid)- Whenever your first attack (or song) finishes and successfully hits and damages its target(s), you can immediately jump into an encore – a second full attack of your choice. Your opponent will be unable to defend against the follow-up, even if the first attack was partially resisted. Also lets you perform encores to songs, dances, and other spectacles if your first number was a hit. Plus, by shouting “Love Shower Pitch!” at the end of the song, you launch a heart-shaped blast guaranteed to hit the target. Kizuna ~ Bonds (400 PPP, Discount Mermaid)- If miracles overlap, they have the potential to change fate. Your song on its own is powerful, but sometimes more than one voice is needed to push back the darkness. With this perk, you can combine your own singing with that of close friends and family, and sing as if you were one. The mix of your individual voices as one strengthens each singer’s powers into a single, multiplied force. Also, the singers do not need to be in close range for the song to work; one singer could be trapped in a separate dimension, and her song would still reach her companions, with the full song reverberating everywhere the individual singers are. The skill is meant for singing-based powers, but can also be applied to other powers for attack combos; however, these nonsong powers will require you and your companions to be in close proximity to each other. Furthermore, with enough pure friendship and will by all parties involved, you can summon up to seven individuals to your location, even if mystical barriers and the like would normally interfere; you essentially “call out” to them, and if they wish to help you in-person they will use the perk to push forward to where you are – in the case that you are reaching out to multiple individuals, all of them must succeed together or they will all fail. Kodou ~Perfect Harmony (600 PPP, Discount Mermaid)- When the seven Mermaid Princesses sing in harmony, with one heartbeat, they have the power to summon Aqua Regina, the queen and guardian all the oceans. She is incredibly powerful, able to bless her children with new magical abilities, seal away ancient kingdoms such as Panthalassa, and even reincarnate the recently dead as babies. However, she can only be summoned for a short time and generally can only be asked to perform one major task before her spirit fades away again, until the seven sing once more. Now, by combining your powers with six partners and singing in unison with full faith and passion, you can summon Aqua Regina. Even without summoning her, your unified powers become incredibly powerful, enough to overcome otherwise unstoppable foes. Until Next Time… (100 PPP, Free Sea Creature)- Given that you are actually a sea creature magically in the form of a human, your body is more of a manifestation than a physical form, even though you can interact physically with things. Due to this, you have an innate teleportation ability. Whenever you wish, you can make yourself instantly vanish and reappear somewhere you have designated as a safe zone (this must be in the dimension you are currently in, and cannot be the Warehouse). You can also teleport people you are physically touching to the same location when you make the jump. You can only determine one safe spot to teleport to at the beginning of each jump. However, you need to remember to activate it, which you might forget in the heat of battle. Fortune Telling (200 PPP, Discount Sea Creature)- You can tell fortunes and foresee the future of individuals. This is most often done through “mermaid uranai” by drawing cards, which somehow feature the images of friends and allies. The date of your birth determines the kind of mermaid you are, with different fortunes accordingly. It can be done in other ways as well, though, from throwing darts to gazing into crystal balls. Can be used for many things, from major predictions to checking for love compatibility. Right Place, Right Time (300 PPP, Discount Sea Creature)- Even heroines in disguise like to have fun on the town now and then, giving you the ideal chance to strike at them – if you can find them, that is. This perk, a mix of coincidental luck and innate insight, allows you to track down targets to events they are involved in, ranging from play performances to summer festivals to bikini contests. Whenever you draw on the perk’s power, you are guaranteed to end up in the vicinity of your quarries. Even so, the ability only brings you into their general area, so you’ll have to figure out a way to draw them out of the crowd. Water Master (400 PPP, Discount Sea Creature)- Unlike Mermaids, which depend on song for their powers, your control over water is more innate, and does not require song or magical reserves to be activated. You can summon typhoons by spinning in place, manifest water dragons that spout like geysers, or shoot ice from your hands, among other possibilities. You generally start with a specific specialty of your choice and can only extend to other types of water magic in time, but your magic is still rather versatile and can be activated and manipulated at your own will. With enough power, you can even call forth tsunami-level tidal waves, or split the ocean in half to create waterfalls. Sacred Guardian Beast ~ Hippocampus (600 PPP, Discount Sea Creature)Though you may take the form of a lesser sea denizen, such as a penguin, your truest form is that of the legendary Hippocampus, noble guardian for the sea. You are given greater access to nature-based and divine magic in this form, while also gaining greater strength and agility in both the sea and sky. The Hippocampus exists as the gatekeeper for important seals, and thus you gain increased magical power, particularly in breaking or reinforcing magical seals. Prideful Lord (100 PPP, Free Panthalassa)- You have a very suave and elegant demeanor no matter the situation. This makes it easier to attract followers and lure targets into traps, but more than that, you have a sense of resolve that never diminishes. Even should your end draw near and you realize that defeat is inevitable, you will not lose your composure. On the contrary, you will face your fate with a king’s determination, and perhaps that in itself is enough to turn the tide back in your favor. Royal Light (200 PPP, Discount Panthalassa)- Though the Kingdom of Panthalassa has fallen into darkness, they were once the greatest heroes of the world, and a fragment of their light remains in their descendants. By activating a sigil of the royal crest on your forehead, you can summon a powerful light that attempts to repel and attack anything threatening you, though it can be overpowered by enough force. With enough work, the light can also shield companions near...
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