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Unformatted text preview: The multiverse is a vast place (or infinite number of places) although it seems to have a distinct bent towards the surreal and the crude. Recently an elderly, eccentric, alcoholic scientist named Rick moved into the home of his daughter’s family and has increasingly begun to involve his 14 year old grandson (Morty) on his dangerous, extra-dimensional, often intergalactically illegal adventures. Rick’s reintroduction to the family has acted as a catalyst to push the already dysfunctional Smith household to the brink through his frequent use of Morty as an assistant, his acerbic nature at the breakfast table and the odd alien breaking out from his laboratory/garage into the mundane suburbia that they have so far enjoyed. You can expect (dragged out of bed by the ankles if necessary) to end up heavily involved in at least a couple of adventures while you’re here. Choose an Identity to determine your history and skillset for free. You may change your gender for 50 CP. DROP-IN ALIEN You open your eyes. You are sitting on a bench in a park. You are wearing a top hat and an old fashioned suit. If you are male you have a thin moustache and a goatee beard. Your skin has a pink tinge to it, your body is tall and lean and your hair is a dark brown (verging on red). As you survey the ducks drifting lazily on the pond and the horrible children screaming at their horrible parents you feel an urge to ironically manipulate and punish those around you. You feel crafty, entrepreneurial and downright devilish. Your body is fit but around middle aged. You were born in your local Rick’s lab after he tried to make a hybrid of some of the stranger species of aliens he’s come across (for some not entirely noble reason). You begin at a house party in Rick and Morty’s house, whether as a recent escapee or as a long established experiment turned friend of Rick’s. Whether largely human shaped with different shaped nipples or an amorphous blob of matter with eyes it doesn’t matter much, your abilities set you far apart from humanity. You are somewhere between a day and 50 years old. MORTY RICK Oh geez. You are a student at high school and may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but that doesn’t stop you from ending up in all sorts of crazy hijinks. Your grandfather Rick recently moved in with your family and he has increasingly started to involve you in his experiments and interdimensional travels. Your species is largely up to you (there are a lot of universes with a lot of different sorts of Mortys out there) but it may not grant you a significant advantage. You are 14 years old. You wake up on a military bed in a Spartan room in your daughter’s house. To your left is a wall covered by pictures, formulas and diagrams linked with string. You no longer entirely remember the nature of these connections. You are a Rick, either one of the council or an independent Rick. Your species is largely up to you (there are a lot of universes with a lot of different sorts of Ricks out there) but it may not grant you a significant advantage. You wake up with a hangover, a lot of bad memories, a foul taste in your mouth and drool on your pillow. You are 60 or maybe 80 years old, you’re not sure. s Discounts cost 50% of the full price for their origin. The Devil You Know You Can Squanch Wherever You Like Regardless of how obviously evil you are, as long as your followers are not too morally upstanding they won’t mind as long as you treat them nicely. You find that people either accept or ignore your bizarre behaviour, otherworldly possessions and overtly alien appearance. 100 CP, Free Drop-In 100 CP, Free Alien Business Savvy Gazorpian Strength You find that when running a business your overheads are remarkably low and you can keep your business afloat for a bizarrely long time even if your customers aren’t paying… with money. You are obscenely strong, capable of lifting and throwing cars due to the presence of alien DNA in your body. 200 CP, Discount Drop-In 200 CP, Discount Alien A Price for Everything Pluto is a Planet Curses! You can curse objects. The curse affects anyone in possession of the object and can only be dispelled by unnaturally advanced science or magic. The more ironic the object/curse combination the more powerful it is. Pairs of running shoes that cause people to run till they die, fox boas that skin the user, etc. You are able to convince society as a whole of pretty much anything that is vaguely flattering to it. Any scientific data or argument that opposes this stance will meet overwhelming resistance from the rest of the population. 400 CP, Discount Drop-In 400 CP, Discount Alien Voodoo Crap Magic Parasite Are you the devil? Well even if you’re not you have the ability to enchant objects. These enchantments are undeniably potent, the more fitting the object/enchantment combination the more powerful it is. Aftershave that causes intense attraction in females, a microscope that shows fundamental truths and so on. You can implant yourself into the memories of others and thereby establish yourself as a wacky character they’ve known their whole life. You may only implant pleasant memories but you may implant an array of memories into several people at once. 600 CP, Discount Drop-In 600 CP, Discount Alien Get Your Shit Together Focus on Science You find that (occasionally) your words have a real weight to them. While this is far more effective when used sparingly you find that you can keep your incredibly dysfunctional family together or even drastically change the course of action of an amoral, egotistical genius with a short speech. You are capable of redirecting your energies to useful endeavours. You are the master of your rage, excitement and libido and can use them to fuel and expedite your plans, particularly those of a scientific nature. 100 CP, Free Morty 100 CP, Free Rick Hidden Wavelength Robotics You only show up on sensors when you choose to and you find that you can easily masquerade as an innocuous and ordinary child while under even the most intense scrutiny. You have spectacular ability in the fields of engineering and most notably robotics and find that making a robot to pass the butter at the breakfast table is a viable alternative to getting up. 200 CP, Discount Morty 200 CP, Discount Rick The Mortyest Morty Mad Geneticist Those you designate will be at their absolute best when you’re around. While the effect diminishes the more people you apply this to and they will not be able to do anything that is not possible they will find themselves at their smartest, strongest and all around most competent with you in tow. Sometimes science is more art than science and you find that this is doubly true when it comes to genetics. When you have a vague idea of the attributes you want to impart from a species you find them remarkably easy to splice into a different species. It won’t even backfire that often. Probably. Be careful. 400 CP, Discount Morty 400 CP, Discount Rick Born Sidekick Genius For reasons that are not entirely clear powerful people tend to prize you as a sidekick. This means that you can more or less become a sidekick to anyone if you should so desire. You may not be the Rickest of Ricks but you are the smartest person in your own universe. Your capacity for invention is mindboggling and even highly advanced alien civilizations barely hold a candle to you. 600 CP, Discount Morty 600 CP, Discount Rick Personal Space Wubalubadubdub Let’s get some stepped up personal space up in this place. People know when to stay out of your personal space, keep away from your personal space, get outta your personal space and stay away from your personal space when you wish them to. You have a penchant for catchphrases and can come up with instantly. Most of them are weird and made-up sounding but you deliver them with such panache that they tend to get whatever effect you were going for. 50 CP 50 CP BITCH! Get Schwifty You find that the things you say do not lose impact due to repetition. Whether scary, funny or deeply depressing whatever you say will retain this value even if someone has heard it before. You can come up with a spur of the moment pop song as long as there’s somebody there to give you a beat. These songs will be more successful than they have any right to be. 100 CP 100 CP What’s Up My Glip Glops?! They’re Just Good Guys Offensive terms you create spread extremely quickly and are generally as offensive as you wish them to be. You also find that people always understand your intent and will take an affectionate slur with good humour. You find that large scary monsters (or their local equivalent) will sometimes come to your aid when you are in trouble, resolve your problem to the best of their abilities, give a thumbs up (or local equivalent) and then leave. 100 CP 200 CP A Small Price to Pay for Spider Peace X Gon’ Give It To Ya You are talented at finding creative and outlandish solutions to problems and find that when doing so things are a little more likely to work out in your favour. When wronged or treated dishonourably you have the ability to begin a montage. During this montage you will condense the training and planning required to get a satisfying revenge into an unnaturally short amount of time. You also find the repercussions of whatever acts your revenge required are relatively minor. 200 CP 300 CP Discounts cost 50% of the full price for their origin. Portal Gun You have come into the possession of a gun allowing you for free travelling throughout the multiverse and the knowledge of how to use it. Shooting it at a surface allows you to create a portal both to other places in the universe you are in and to places in parallel universes. For 600 CP the gun will continue to work in other multiverses although mapping out other local multiverses is time consuming, dangerous and (depending on the local metaphysics) sometimes not possible. Free or 600 CP Interdimensional Goggles Interdimensional Cable Grappling Shoes Goggles that allow the wearer to see through the eyes of versions of themselves from alternative universes. Observing more successful versions of yourself may lead to obsession and moping. You may choose this OR Interdimensional Cable for free. A receiver that you can attach to any monitor that allows you to watch the television from parallel universes. TV from other dimensions has a somewhat looser feel to it. You may choose this OR Interdimensional Goggles for free. A pair of boots that allow the wearer to walk on surfaces of any gradient. Helps if you turn them on. You can basically just walk on surface you want, up, down, below, turn around to the left, these things really bring it all together. Free or 100 CP Free or 100 CP 50 CP Laser Gun Armory Plumbus Flask A cabinet full of advanced laser weapons. Perfect for dispatching robots, bureaucrats and people you don’t respect. A high quality plumbus and a video about how they are made. A hip flask that never seems to run out of liquor. The liquor in it is invariably strong but otherwise seems to change from ordinary spirits from Earth to more peculiar alien beverages. 50 CP 100 CP 100 CP Concentrated Dark Matter Roy: A Life Well Lived Ice Cream Machine The recipe to concentrated dark matter, the An advanced virtual reality game in which An ice cream machine that produces a truly vast amount of flavours of the highest most powerful fuel in the universe. You can you play through the entire life of a man create it out of reasonably common called Roy. You experience his whole life but quality ice cream in the multiverse. It also components. the game itself takes a matter of minutes to comes with a button labelled worms which does exactly what you’d expect. Worm ice the outside world. cream is extremely popular with spiders. 100 CP 100 CP 100 CP Particle Beam Wristwatch Meeseeks Box Neutrino Bomb A wristwatch with a particle beam capable of disintegrating people. Comes with a snake-holster that never seems to run out of snakes for the classic ‘beam that turns people into snakes’ bit. A box that summons/creates blue humanoid creatures named Mr. Meeseeks. Meeseeks will try their hardest to complete whatever objective you have in mind for them. It’s best to make sure this objective is reasonably easy to achieve however or they may get… upset. A bomb capable of wiping out all life on a planet. Good for a fresh start. 100 CP 100 CP 200 CP Microverse Battery Dream Device Chris A battery with a miniature universe in it. Produces an endless amount of energy due to the inhabitants having been tricked into using devices that allow you to siphon a proportion of theirs off. A device that allows you to enter the dreams of other people. Follows Inception rules and if that doesn’t make sense neither does everybody's favourite movie. A sluglike weapon that can turn someone into a third trimester fetus at 30 yards. 200 CP 200 CP 200 CP Curse Purge Plus! Simulation Machine Power Suit Have you acquired creepy specific old stuff A machine that can produce incredibly from a mysterious antique or thrift store realistic simulations. Although extremely that gives you powers, but fucks with you in powerful, enough moving parts in the unforeseeable ways? Well this device simulation will cause sections of it to run on removes curses. lower settings, become less convincing and, in extreme cases, crash. A suit of power armour more than capable of allowing you to both survive and thrive on a purge planet. The suit will fly to your location from wherever it is when you need it. This will usually take a few minutes (regardless of distance). 200 CP, Discount Drop-In 200 CP, Discount Alien 200 CP, Discount Morty Project Phoenix Freeze Ray Alien Translation Device A few tubes with dormant clones of yours of A ray that can freeze objects and people different ages. You can transfer your solid. Comes with a setting that allows you consciousness into any of these clones to to safely thaw them. Warning: Frozen things effectively change your age. A change in age can shatter if struck. Accidents may occur if can result in a change in personality. left unattended. A device that when pushed to your throat translates your speech and allows you the understanding of foreign/alien languages. 200 CP, Discount Rick 200 CP 200 CP Clock Staff Squanch Juice Cognition Amplifiers A staff that allows you to increase and A recipe and large vat of liquid that causes decrease the speed at which time elapses in beings that imbibe it to massively increase bubbles (maximum size with a diameter of in size, grow intensely muscular, vastly 10 metres). You can slow things to a 10th increase in strength and endurance but lose and speed them up by x10 normal speed. some capacity for reason. Will need to recharge if used too often. 300 CP, Discount Drop-In 300 CP, Discount Alien A helmet that increases the intellectual abilities of the wearer. The extent to which they are made more intelligent depends on how many batteries you put in. Can make things a great deal more intelligent than your average human. 300 CP, Discount Morty Spaceship Shrink/Growth Ray A spaceship built out of stuff found in a garage. Capable of FTL travel with the right fuel. You may choose the design but it will look distinctly ramshackle. You may import a vehicle into this option. A ray that allows you to shrink things to around the size of human cells or increase the size of things to around the length of the US. Comes with the blueprints for a themepark named Anatomy Park to be built in a human body. 300 CP, Discount Rick 300 CP Fiendish Friend Parasitic Pal A scarily loyal pink/red skinned individual who will fit perfectly as a manager, lieutenant or cog in any hellish hierarchy legitimate business. You may create a new companion fitting your description or import an existing companion into this role. They come with The Devil You Know, copious amounts of Business Savvy and a malevolent glint in the eye. A recent creation and all around good egg. Comes with the personality and a (potentially ridiculous) default appearance of your choice. Is, thankfully, either sterile or does not wish to destroy the world through unchecked reproduction. Comes with Parasite. Wants to see the world(s). You may import an existing companion into this role. 200 CP, Discount Drop-In 200 CP, Discount Alien Rick Morty You have acquired the Rick of your home dimension as a companion. Comes with all the perks discounted for Ricks, WUBALUBADUBDUB and Get Schwifty. A brilliant but abrasive, alcoholic and dysfunctional individual. Alternatively you can get a Doofus Rick that lacks both Genius and Mad Geneticist for 200 CP. You may import an existing companion into this role. You have acquired the Morty of your home dimension as a companion. Comes with a Hidden Wavelength that seems to hide you from people scanning for you, a weaker version of The Mortyest Morty and the tendency to curtail your more destructive/self-destructive behaviour. Tends to be 20% accurate when it comes to scientific matters. You may import an existing companion into this role. 500 or 200 CP, Discount Morty 200 CP, Discount Rick You may take up to 600 CP worth of Drawbacks for extra CP. Alcoholic Stutter Principle Vagina You are an alcoholic, frequently wake up with a foul taste in your mouth and a cracking headache. On the plus side you function reasonably well while at an acceptable level of drunkenness although your judgement is impaired. You have some social anxiety and a mild stutter. You lack confidence in social situations, particularly around those you feel attracted to. No relation. You have an embarrassing name that you cannot shake and that everyone will know you by. +100 CP +100 CP +100 CP Parasites Gymnophobe Wanted Man You have a parasite problem. Increasingly wacky characters pop up and implant themselves in your memories as old friends. It is very difficult to know when this is happening and if it gets too out of hand they may take over whatever planet you’re on. You are intensely squeamish and uncomfortable around naked people and people will frequently use this to your disadvantage. You are wanted by the Galactic Federation. Fortunately they do not currently know where you are. Unfortunately they control much of the known universe, their border creeps towards you, and they will send covert agents to find you. +200 CP +200 CP +200 CP Show Me What You Got The Council of Ricks Ants In Your Eyes Giant heads immune to any weaponry will The Council of Ricks sees you as a threat to You have ants crawling around your eyes take your planet hostage and destroy it and the multiverse and will stop at nothing to and you cannot see. You also do not feel any you if you cannot win a singing contest find and destroy you. The Council of Ricks pain although the sensation of ants crawling against other planets. It doesn’t end with a are the Ricks from (most) universes that around your eyes is still consistently singing competition, each year there will be decided to join forces and represent the grotesque and distracting. The ants seem to some sort of life or death talent show. smartest people from countless dimensions. be impossible to harm. +300 CP +300 CP Cronenberg You are a giant amorphous blob of flesh and people will be frightened and deeply disturbed by you. On the plus side you now fit in on Cronenberg World. +300 CP +300 CP After 10 years in this multiverse you will be given a choice, regardless of what you choose you will retain any Perks or Items purchased and lose any Drawbacks. Stay Go Home You decide that you have had enough and go home. You wake up in your own bed in your native universe. OR Because the world is full of idiots that don't understand what's important. And they'll tear us apart, Morty. But if you stick with me, I'm gonna accomplish great things, Morty. And you're gonna be a part of 'em. And together we're gonna run around, Morty, we're gonna do all kinds of wonderful thing...
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