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W elcome to the Kingdom of Hydeland. In order to properly outfit you in the manner to which you are accustomed, it pleases the Crown to present you with a purse of 1000 CP . The Kingdom of Hydeland. Not the safest place out there, but who needs safety when you’ve got high adventure? Dark times have befallen the Kingdom. Monstrous armies, orcs and things far fouler, press at the Northern and Western borders of the Kingdom. The King, in an attempt to rally the people and gain the power necessary to defend his people, has gone searching for the Dragon’s Crown. The Dragon’s Crown, an item fabled to grant control of the Ancient Dragons, foul creatures that the three goddesses of the realm martyred themselves to defeat, may hold the key for victory. Mythical monsters, dark plots, and evil cults all lurk in this troubled realm. But heroes walk the land, some for adventure, others treasure, some for reasons all their own, and so there is yet hope for the Kingdom.
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