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Dog Days Jumpchain Welcome, to the land of Flonyard! This is a wonderful land of beastmen. Humans don’t exist except for the summoned heroes who are brought to help in the many wars waged on this land. Despite the many wars this is a great place to relax, due to the magic that is inherent to the land. This magic makes it so that people cannot be killed. When badly wounded, instead of actual damage, you are instead turned into a Pet Ball form, a small ball of fluff with ears and a tail. After about an hour passes you are then restored back to your normal form. Be warned that should your clothes or weapons be damaged, they are liable to explode into lots of fragments before vanishing. Because of this grand magic wars have turned into a sport, where armies compete against each other in order to obtain a cash prize. Of course, not everything is safe. Places up high in the mountains are far enough away from the magic so as to be unaffected. To make matters worse, there are monsters that patrol these regions, requiring squads of soldiers to take them down. However, if you stay away from these areas you are all set to have a fun time. Here’s 1000 CP, now get out there and have a blast.
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