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JUMPCHAIN By Console Patron Unit: Anon Heart
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Welcome to the world of Gameindustri! The four nations of Gameindustri, Planeptune, Lowee, Lastation, and Leanbox, are once again being threatened by the vile actions of the video game pirate: Arfoire! She has stolen almost all their shares, and it’s up to you, Nept une, to get them back! What? You’re not Neptune? Oh. My apologies. I seem to have gotten the wrong person. Let me go find her... Oh, but as an apology, take 1,000 CPU Points ! Don’t spend them all in one place! Choose a Faction and Race for your Origin. You may retain your previous gender or become female for free. Becoming male will cost 50 CP. You may choose your age for another 50 CP. Perks and items are discounted for their origins. 100 CP perks and items are free.
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