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2 Anima Beyond Fantasy V. 1.07 By Anon Heart and various helpful anons The Year is 989, and the Holy Empire of Abel lies in ruins. The Christian Church, founded by the Messiah Abel, the one who was called Christ, has begun to lose authority, reeling from the sorceress who enchanted the last Emperor and claimed the position of Pope. The Empire itself is ruled by the young Elisabetta, who fights to bind the rebelling principalities once more to the Crown, while the Church proclaims her too young to rule, and installs a ‘regent’. The Lords of War each agree, but disagree that the Church should rule, and fight for their own rulerships. And behind it all, ancient powers, sealed away by Rah, the lord of Judas the descendent Iscariot who betrayed Abel to the technomagical nation of Solomon, have begun to return. The souls of those Who Walked Among Us return to our lands, reborn in human children, while monsters from another age have begun to return. All of them can feel it. This is an age of change. You’ve been granted 1000 CP with which to change the world. Make use of them as you wi ll. Races Human (0): You are a mortal, one born in Gaia’s embrace. The world is a dangerous thing, for those such as you. You live in your little towns, blinded to the truth, to the creatures who exist beyond what you know... but things will change, won’ t they? After all, fate will not leave you as you are. Nephilim (100): Child, poor child. A soul reborn in a body not of it’s own kind. The Holy Church has no love for those such as you. Who were you, back before the worlds were split in three? Pick one of the following - One of the Sylvans, born to light and magic, quick healing and subsiding partially on the magic that protects you from the influences of others? Or were you a Jayan, inhumanly strong but susceptible to the Flow of Souls that your third eye barely perceives? Though you cannot see spells, seeing the souls of the dead is no issue for you. Perhaps you were D’anjayni, passing without trace unnoticable and easily forgotten? The shadows hide you, and it is difficult for others to recall your presence or notice you when you do not wish it.
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