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STAT 226 Homework 1 Due Tuesday, February 5 th in Class SHOW ALL YOUR WORK FOR FULL CREDIT! PRINT AND TURN IN JMP OUTPUT AS INDICATED! Carefully read the Homework Guidelines that can be found on the course web page for all Stat 226 sections (see address below) following the link Homework. http://www.stat.iastate.edu/courses/stat226/homework.htm Make sure to have a JMP Manual at hand, you will need it. This assignment provides detailed instructions on how to use JMP intended to make you familiar with the software. You should also follow the JMP manual as you complete the assignment. In future assignments, you will be asked to complete the problems mostly with the help of the JMP manual. You will need to download the following files (from the Homework section of the stat 226 webpage): survey data.JMP , student info.JMP , and boston.JMP . Problem 1. Your Favorite Restaurant The survey file has Stat 226 students’ responses to the following questions: “What is your favorite restaurant, movie, and TV show”. Also recorded was the variable gender. a) Let’s first look at the survey data.JMP data set. Construct a bar graph of the responses for the variable favorite restaurant . To create this open the data set in JMP. In the menu select Graph Æ Chart . By default the graph created will be a bar graph. You will see a list of all variables under Select Columns . Highlight the variable favorite restaurant and click on Categories, X, Levels . Next click OK , the bar graph should appear in a new window. This graph is too small to read. To enlarge it simply place the cursor on the edge of the graph and a two-sided arrow will appear. Holding down the mouse button and moving it will expand or contract the graph. You want to make the graph big enough to be read with ease. Print out this graph . b) Based on the bar graph above list the four most popular restaurants . To help with this click on the little red triangle next to the chart. From the menu select Label options Æ Show labels . c) Create a Pareto Chart for the variable restaurants . Using the Pareto Chart estimate the percentage of the students who list any of those four as their favorite. To create a Pareto Chart click on Graph Æ Pareto Plot . Highlight again the variable restaurants and click on Y, cause and then OK . Once again, enlarge the graph such that it can be easily read.
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