hw2 - STAT 226 Homework 2 Due Thursday February 14th in...

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Homework 2 Due Thursday, February 14 th in Class SHOW ALL YOUR WORK FOR FULL CREDIT! PRINT AND TURN IN JMP OUTPUT AS INDICATED! For general homework rules, read the Homework Guidelines that can be found on the course web page for all Stat 226 sections (see address below) following the link Homework. http://www.stat.iastate.edu/courses/stat226/homework.htm You will need to download the following file (from the Homework section of the stat 226 webpage): IsItNormal.JMP. Problem 1. For each of the following problems, write TRUE if the statement is true as stated, or FALSE if it is untrue. If false, indicate the error in the statement and change it so that the statement becomes correct. Make sure to read each question carefully! (a) Any curve that approximates the overall shape of a histogram is a density curve. (b) The mean and the median of any distribution are always equal. (c) The 68–95–99.7 Rule can be applied to any distribution, not just normal distributions. (d) The standard deviation is zero when the number of observations that are larger than the mean equals the number of observations that are smaller than the mean. (e) A normal distribution is completely characterized by its mean and standard deviation. (f) To compare data points from two different normal distributions one needs to find and to compare their z-scores. (g) The larger the z-score of an observation the closer this observation is to the mean of the distribution. (h) According to the 68–95–99.7 Rule, the range of a data set coming from a Normal distribution is approximately equal to six times the mean. Problem 2. Answer the following questions using Table A of the text. For each question sketch the standard normal density curve and shade the corresponding area of interest in addition to finding the actual proportion. a)
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hw2 - STAT 226 Homework 2 Due Thursday February 14th in...

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