238 - Memorandum Date: September 17, 2007 To: Amanda...

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Memorandum Date: September 17, 2007 To: Amanda Nowlin-O’Banion From: A Student Subject: Internship Advertisement A We were instructed to search for an i This memo’s purpose is to inform th analysis I will inform my professor h candidate for this internship, how I w this particular ad will affect my appli internships under such disciplines, ti universities), a company which deve “Perfect Candidate”: Being “the” candidate for a position you can control. Experience, skills, p Personally, I see that I am the spittin develop these features throughout my this position. I have been a Designate organization on TAMU campus, for students. In putting all this together, I apply team-work skills with my fel their DG leader, and self-motivation. programming, Engineering Calculus to say this is an application of my pro me that I am “the” candidate. Weaknesses & Their Mitigation: As people have strengths, they have are not those of an expert. Neverthel practice makes perfect; hence, throug Company’s Affect on Applying: Throughout the application process, that I am being judged by this emplo effort to be impressive and shine abo attributes. I thank you for your time a nalysis (Assignment #2) internship opportunity pertaining to our major fo he instructor of our analysis of the internship offe how I fit the molding for this position, what mak will mitigate the weaknesses I may have for this lication process. Being an electrical engineering ill I stumbled upon National Instruments (www.d elops graphical technological devices. is more of a subjective matter; however, it can b personal qualities are all features which you can ng image for what this offer is requiring. Given th y education, I am able to say that I am that much ted Group Leader for the Aggie Recruitment Com r two years currently. ARC hosts conferences for I am able to demonstrate my energetic outlook w llow ARC members, leadership initiative among . Having already taking courses over proto-board roblem solving knowledge. Having all this under weaknesses. I would have to confess that my pro less, these sorts of issues can easily be overcome gh enough practice I know I can overcome this w I tended to be judgmental of myself. This is due oyer; thus, the company has a watchful affect on ove the stacks of applications through my achiev and will be in wait for your footnotes on my obs or which we qualify. fer. Throughout this
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238 - Memorandum Date: September 17, 2007 To: Amanda...

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