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Blogging at Work - Blogging about Employers It is in these...

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Blogging about Employers It is in these new times that technology can not only aid us, but instead conversely hinder us with the help of our own out spoken attitudes and the use of a new found trend blogging. Blogging is in essence one’s ability to create a life journal and post one’s feelings, diaries, political views or whatsoever the heart pleases on particular sites over the internet. In relation to this event blogging about one’s job has entangled many an employee. In an article titled “Blogging on the job” CNET, a.k.a. news.com, informs us on how troubling this matter is and how it cost many people there occupation. A small three percent of employees from a variety of company’s have been found blogging on and off the job and have been fired for their revealing of confidential information or bad-mouthing of the company. Hence, it is the negative comments about each employee’s employer and not when these blogs were published which has “punished” these citizens. CNET continues to mention how as the popularity of this trend grows
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