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RJ Puntoni 1/9/08 Professor Zack Class 2 Assignment - Question 1 o Operations or transaction processing is using a machine instead of a person to complete a task. Real world example: Using price scanners in grocery stores instead of an employee typing in the product number of every item the customer wished to buy. o Control, something added on to the transaction processing system Real World example: Self checkout. Saves time for both the customer and the employees of the retail store. Equally effective as having an employee scan the items. An inventory audit o Learning, continuous control, proactive Real World example: - Question 2 o Part 1 Hardware: 50 Dell PCs, IBM data computer, 5 Sony PCs, monitors, phones Software: The order processing system software Data: the reports showing sales, usage and other things Procedures: Employees enter the orders into the system, the system checks if the inventory is in stock, if so, the order is sent and a list is printed in the warehouse. The order is filled, and the warehouse enters a confirmation back into the system
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