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MIS CLASS 6 - 3 The advantage of every team having access...

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RJ Puntoni MIS 1/29/08 Assignment 6 1. For the reasons mentioned in the article a. The more data your players have, the more likely they are to succeed. b. Knowing the hitting and pitching tendencies of your opponent and your own team, will allow you to improve significantly i. You can make an effort to change your tendencies if you know what they are. 2. It would be fairly easy to consolidate all the data into one large database. The value would be easy access to the data on all players. a. An iTunes for major league baseball. i. Players can be sorted by name, team, position, etc. ii. Easy to compare players, or see the results of a certain pitcher/hitter matchup
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Unformatted text preview: 3. The advantage of every team having access to the database is that they would all be better able to prepare for every game. a. The players and teams who took the time to study the pitcher (or hitters) they were facing would have an edge. b. If all teams could see their own tendencies they could work just as hard to change those tendencies, surprising their opponent. 4. There is a website called SharkScope, ( www.sharkscope.com ) that tracks the results of online poker tournaments across a variety of different online poker programs. It allows you to see how you and your opponents do in certain types of games, tournaments, etc....
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