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MIS CLASS 7 - each one of them a small part of the...

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RJ Puntoni MIS Professor Zack Assignment for February 4 th GE Case 1. This telecommunications network is an extranet. a. It shares information within GE to people (customers) outside of GE. b. The parties that are connected by this extranet are GEE’s turbine designers and their customers’ engineers. 2. The information exchanged includes a. Monitoring the turbine on the production line (operations) b. Make last minute changes (control) c. Performance comparison to other turbines that can increase the output of the turbine by up to 2%. (learning) 3. The benefits of this telecommunications extranet are a. A reduction in the time it takes to build a turbine by 20% to 30%. b. Saves the customer money by catching errors or adding/removing parts during the assembly process c. Increased turbine efficiency. d. Customers will be more inclined to do business with GE due to this open network of communication Snap-On Inc. 1. The network would be considered an intranet, connecting all the franchises and making
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Unformatted text preview: each one of them a small part of the whole (Snap-On Inc). The franchisees have the ability to access company information and communicate with other franchisees within the network. 2. The benefits of the F.I.N. network are that it allows franchisees to obtain important information, sales, tips, etc. This in turn optimizes the way in which Snap-On Inc. products are sold through these franchises. 3. The F.I.N. was not set up as an internet site because Snap-On Inc. did not wish to provide this information to the general public. It is private information about their technology, sales methods, marketing strategies, etc. If this was published on an internet website, Snap-On Inc’s competitors could easily see all of the information they needed allowing them to better compete against Snap-On Inc....
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