MIS CLASS 16 - RJ Puntoni 3/16/08 MIS Professor Zack...

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RJ Puntoni 3/16/08 MIS Professor Zack Assignment for Class 16 1. Where physically can customers enter their orders and what technologies do they need at each location to do this? a. Customers can enter orders from their home i. This requires a computer ii. Internet connection iii. Debit/credit card (some method of online payment) b. Customers can enter their orders in the store at the computer terminals i. The computer is provided, so is the connection to UGHH ii. A form of payment 2. What technology components do we need at UGHH to interact with our customers on the web? Where would you physically locate these technology components and why? What if UGHH adds more retail stores? a. A system that allows customers to complete orders online and notify them when the order is confirmed, filled, and shipped b. A forum/message board system that provides the “underground” feel that other sites or companies don’t have. c. I would locate these things in both the office space/retail store and the warehouse i. The office could look at comments and suggestions for how to further improve the site and customer service ii. The warehouse would see orders as they are coming in, making the order fulfillment process very efficient d. If they add more stores I would connect all the stores into the system.
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MIS CLASS 16 - RJ Puntoni 3/16/08 MIS Professor Zack...

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