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MIS CLASS NOTES 1/10/08 - A system is a bounded collection of resources o That perform some process - An information system is a system with data as an input, and information as an output o Information is something that can be interpreted in a meaningful context - What are the resources? o Hardware, Software, Data, Procedures, People - The job of any information system is to produce information o Three level framework Operational level Control level Learning level Control and Learning levels are often called management systems Operational is just that, the day to day operations - Intraorganizational syste ms are within one organization or company o One company has their own syste m - Interorganizational syste m s are when two companies share information o One company orders supplies from a nother company and orders online, e nt ering data into their syste m - Extraorginizational o A consum er, like mys elf, buys som ething online, enters dat a into their syste m a nd gets a n order nu m ber. - Hardware o Any of the tangible objects that help run the business - Software o The instructions for the syste m Computer software Less tangible Email, sales syste m, order syste m, etc etc - Data o Inventory data, sales data, order dat a, accounts receivable, pay m ent - People o Managers, e m ployees, custom ers - Procedures o Software for people, instructions Order is entered Inventory is checked for availability Sale is recorded Update the inventory Pick list sent to warehouse Order filled, inventory updat ed Order is shipped 1/17/2008
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HARDWARE Progressive Insurance Case - A syste m is a bounded collection of resources that take inputs and creates outputs to m e et som e goal. - Hardware that supports input o Keyboard, m ous e, scanner, flash drive(storage device), microphone, digital video/ca m era, touch screen monitor - Hardware that supports output o Printer, m onitor, spe akers, projector, - Hardware that does the processing o CPU(computer processing unit) Arithm etic/Logic Unit Control Unit o Main Memory RAM - Progressive Insurance o Mobility Allowed the m to take the office technology on site (accidents) Vastly increas ed the processing time of a n insurance claim. o
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MIS CLASS NOTES - MIS CLASS NOTES 1/10/08 - - - - - A...

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