MIS CLASS 19 - RJ Puntoni MIS Professor Zack Assignment for Class 19 1 Capital One's strategy is a To let information drive their products and

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RJ Puntoni 3/26/08 MIS Professor Zack Assignment for Class 19 1. Capital One’s strategy is a. To let information drive their products and services b. Allow data collection to be transferred into information and then transformed into intelligent business decisions c. Initially their strategy was to obtain a large share of the market by offering lower rates and accepting more credit applications 2. a. Scientific testing is i. Formulating a hypothesis ii. Developing a test or way of testing the hypothesis iii. Performing the test iv. Observing the test and the results v. Evaluating the results b. Scientific testing is a major portion of their company i. They rely heavily on having intelligent minds in a company where any idea is treated with the same respect and tested against the real world. ii. Tests that provide positive results are immediately put into action iii. Scientific testing dictates most of the decisions they make in regards to their business. 3.
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