MIS DO OVER - RJ Puntoni 2/19/2008 MIS Professor Zack...

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RJ Puntoni 2/19/2008 MIS Professor Zack Midterm Exam Do-Over 3b. Draw a picture of a generic system (not an information system). (2) 5. What are the three levels of processing, based on the systems model (column A)? Do they process primarily data, information or knowledge (column B)? What are the related roles of information technology (column C)? (5) Type of Processing Data/info/knowledge Role of I/T 1 Transaction Data Record data into the system and enable efficient operations. 2 Control Information Evaluate how the system is working relative to the goal. Make changes to move closer to the desired goal. 3 Learning Knowledge Provide rapid feedback in order to test hypotheses. Allow for creativity and innovation. 6. What is the difference between computing systems and communication systems? (2). A computing system performs some kind of numerical processing. An example would be an accounting, engineering or forecasting system. It is procedural and predictable. A communications system is made up of information exchanges. Examples would be email or instant messaging. It is unpredictable because the users of the system decide what information to exchange. 7a. What is the purpose of a client/server architecture in general? The purpose of the client/server network architecture is to provide a way to structure the conversation between computers on the network.
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7b. What are the roles of the various computers involved and how does client/server work? The roles of a client/server architecture are clients, servers and service brokers.
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MIS DO OVER - RJ Puntoni 2/19/2008 MIS Professor Zack...

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