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PRIUS CASE REPORT - RJ Puntoni Marketing Prius Case Report...

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RJ Puntoni 1/22/08 Marketing Prius Case Report Toyota Prius 1. The microenvironmental factors that affected the Prius were the rising oil prices and the need for alternative energy. Toyota dealt with these factors by creating the Prius, a vehicle that was a solution to both problems. It required gas on a less regular basis and created an electric power source to drive the car. Another problem was that initially, the design was dull and boring, Toyota dealt with this by reinventing the design of the car and re-releasing it with a better advertising campaign. 2. Demographically, Toyota first targeted the car towards “techie” computer geeks who would be impressed with the computer system in the car, knowing that they could reconfigure the system and use it for other means like video games or television. After its initial release, Toyota realized it was time to broaden the market, they expanded by targeting environmentally friendly people looking for a more energy efficient vehicle. Economically Toyota had to make sure that the Prius was efficient enough to actually
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