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Psych Notes March 26

Psych Notes March 26 - Psych Notes THE EXAM AND PAPER WILL...

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Psych Notes March 26, 2007 THE EXAM AND PAPER WILL BE ONE WEEK LATER THAN SCHEDULED WE ARE CURRENTLY IN “SPRING BREAK” Long Term Memory It is the storage space for everything that we know Whats its capacity? - The capacity for long term memory is big enough to handle all info. A human could learn over a normal life span. - As you get older, it is harder to remember things. This is not because long term memory is full, other things are the problem like retrieval. - We have found no limitations on human memory - No amount of time that something can be stored in long term memory People will remember events over and over again yet each time it is remembered, they do not recall remembering it in quite a long time. Information is not lost over time in any kind of pattern or normality Retrieval Retrieval cues Encoding specificity Accuracy Forgetting Basic problem Decay Interference Retrieval failure Improving memory Distributed practice Enriched encoding Everything we remember is in response to a retrieval cue.
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