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Psych Notes feb 28 - Psych Notes 2/28/07 Classical...

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Psych Notes 2/28/07 Classical Conditioning - Basic Processes o Acquisition o Extinction o Spontaneous recovery o Stimulus generalization o Stimulus discrimination o Higher order conditioning Trace conditioning – there is a trace of one stimulus associated with some response, then they are both removed at the same time. Short delay conditioning – the CS starts, stops. Then the UCS starts. Start the CS then present the UCS. Trace conditioning. Works the best. If you’ve learned something through classical conditioning and you want to unlearn it: How do you get rid of it? Extinction – the way to eliminate a conditioned response is to repeatedly present the conditioned stimulus without the unconditioned stimulus. CS- the bell UCS – salivation Ring the bell….no food. Ring the bell…no food The dog will eventually learn that the bell doesn’t mean food. Spontaneous recovery – after you have extinguished the conditioned response, with time, the condition will come back. It will not come back as strong as it was. But the response will return. It will step down a little bit each time. Time after time you must present the CS without the UCS. Over an extended period of time extinction may completely occur. It will generalize to other similar stimuli. Pavlov One dog, one bell. Same pitch. Same bell. o After classical conditioning. If you ring a different bell that is similar, the dog will salivate to that bell too. o The conditioning will extend from a specific event, to events of this kind. (stimulus generalization) Stimulus Discrimination – Pavlov
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- if the dog is conditioned to the bell. It will generalize this conditioning to all bells. -
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Psych Notes feb 28 - Psych Notes 2/28/07 Classical...

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