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Psych Notes April 25 - Psych Notes Evaluation of Freud at...

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Evaluation of Freud - at first unpopular, became imbedded in popular consciousness over time - Is this theory good science? o Freud provides case study evidence case studies are weak scientifically because the experimenter is choosing what information is relevant (mainly, what reinforces their hypothesis or theory) case studies are only a study of one person, statistically or scientifically speaking, a sample of 1 is useless o No attempts in any of Freud’s writing to scientifically test any of his ideas. No mention of a control group. Did not follow sound scientific procedure - The Freudian Circle o To get into the circle, people diagnosed patients and analyzed things based on whether or not Freud would agree. Freud was right there, he would either agree or disagree. Freudians were all about getting Freud’s approval. o When people disagreed with Freud, Freudians would use Freud’s theory to explain why the objector thinks something else. o People who disagreed were ostracized - This went on long after Freud passed away. It continued to be about interpreting Freud’s writing rather than testing Freud’s theories. - None of this means that Freud is incorrect. - Freud’s writings are in an archive, controlled by his descendants and prominent members of the Freudian psychoanalytic community - No one is allowed into the archive, unless they promise not to cast any negative statements about Freud - Big Freudian star was allowed into the archives, came out and reported things that were critical of Freud. Blew up at that psychologist. Outraged, he was ostracized from Freudian circle - Groups of very prominent Freudians and very prominent scientific researchers worked together to test Freud’s theories scientifically o Freudians couldn’t agree on what to test and predict o People continued on anyway, tested aspects of the theory In a scientifically accurate way, the theories have failed There is no sound scientific evidence for this theory. -
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Psych Notes April 25 - Psych Notes Evaluation of Freud at...

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