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Psych Notes feb 12

Psych Notes feb 12 - Psych Notes...

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Psych Notes 2/12/07 tunedintomusic.wordpress.com Drugs effect our bodies by mimicking the normal neurotransmitters and using their docking stations, preventing the intended neurotransmitter from being passed along. Neurons are similar to television pixels. Don’t provide information individually. Only one pixel is not going to be very beneficial. But the pattern of thousands of pixels (or thousands of neurons) can represent very complex information. This information can be manipulated at any point (a problem with anyone of the neurons can change the outcome) All sorts of distortions are possible, psychological, mood, perception, behavior, physiological. These all occur at the synapse. What fuels all this neurological activity? The fuel that the brain burns is glucose (a type of sugar) Muscles also burn glucose. – a limited amount of fuel. If you use it all up in physical activity, there will be none for neurological activity, or vice versa.
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