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Psych Notes May 2 - Psych Notes May 2, 2007 The conclusion...

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Psych Notes May 2, 2007 The conclusion of the Minnesota twin study - heredity is responsible for about 50% of an individual’s personality - unique experiences are more important in shaping personality, as far as environmental factors go - social norms are usually constructed by the law or religions diagnosis - alerted people to the ideas of misdiagnosis - diagnosis has a long history of being inaccurate in psychology Rosenhan study - when a person is diagnosed as mentally ill, how does that affect how the psychological community treats that person in the future - he had people go to mental hospitals and present themselves as patients o they would all say they were hearing voices o the voice was saying either: dull, empty, or thud o hearing voices is more or less a defining symptom of schizophrenia o any other questions they answered truthfully - if they were admitted to the hospital, they never complained of hearing the voices again - any other questions they asked while in the hospital they answered truthfully - of the people who presented themselves, all were admitted o all except one were diagnosed with schizophrenia - while in the mental hospital, they were taking notes on how they were treated, to report back to Rosenhan - they stayed in hospitals from 7 days to 52 days o mean stay was 19 days - during this time, they are exhibiting no symptoms of schizophrenia - no psychiatrist, psychologist, psychologically trained nurse, attendant, social
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Psych Notes May 2 - Psych Notes May 2, 2007 The conclusion...

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