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Paul Revere - b Paul Revere was a very well connected...

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Paul Revere i. Opening statements – include the question and follow it with some evidence. Pg. 98 How the author even believes that Paul Revere was a part of a more collective act. “Many people in Boston helped him on his way – so many that Paul Revere’s ride was truly a collective effort. He would be very much surprised by his modern image as the lone rider of the Revolution.” (Paul Revere’s Ride by David Hackett Fischer page 98) ii. Follow up with different examples from the book. a. Boston Tea Party. The poem about him and the doctor.
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Unformatted text preview: b. Paul Revere was a very well connected person throughout the colonies and knew people all over. The grapevine was on his side. c. His idea for the lanterns in the church steeple carried out by a few of his friends. d. Other riders in the town of concord sent out to spread messages. iii. End with repeating that Paul Revere is underappreciated with just a midnight ride. He was much more involved with his community and with the politics of the Colonies of New England....
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