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Paul Revere Paper - Zachary Pruski History 105-501 Paul...

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Zachary Pruski Paul Revere 217008447 History 105-501 More than a Midnight Ride Paul Revere’s epic midnight ride has him portrayed as an American Legend throughout history. Paul Revere is commonly known as the man who single- handedly warned Lexington and Concord that “the British are coming.” David Hackett Fischer expresses his views of the validity of this in his book, “Paul Revere’s Ride.” Fischer believed that Paul Revere did not single handedly warn Concord and Lexington about the invading British. He instead implied that it was a collaborative effort and that Paul Revere had a much larger impact on the American Revolution due to it. Fischer bluntly stated “Many people in Boston helped him on his way – so many that Paul Revere’s ride was truly a collective effort. He would be very much surprised by his modern image as “the lone rider of the Revolution.” (Paul Revere’s Ride, David Hackett Fischer page 98). This is undeniable evidence from the text the author’s opinion on Revere’s solo Midnight Ride. A silversmith by profession in Boston during the revolution, Paul Revere had many talents. He was a regular man about town with fine skills of an artisan. He specialized in custom engravings but also crafted small frames and made fine
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Paul Revere Paper - Zachary Pruski History 105-501 Paul...

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