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Test 2 notes - John Adams What was his role in Continental...

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John Adams What was his role in Continental Congress? Premier Political figure in the new nation to come. He was removed from congress to tell America they were to become a nation. He helped Negotiate peace with Britain. He started the greatest law firm in New England. Congress could have been seen as treasonous. How does he see himself? He was filled with self doubt; he was getting fat, balding and not very bright in politics. He is worried if he is ready. He would grow impatient with his other members. His confidence grew. He was pushing for new government. How did others see him? Adams was a major part in the Congress. He was moving toward independence as a small radical group. The majority wanted peace with Britain. He was not very popular. Adams was pushed aside by Benjamin Franklin. What was Abigail Adams role while John was away at Congressional Meetings? Abigail was a phenomenal wife, an insightful politician and a great judge of person. She adored him and visa versa. She had to face months without her husband at 29. She ran the household and the farm. She taught young John how to read. She wrote some of the great letters by quill and candle lights. She then had to face the battle of Bunker Hill and left home with her children. She believed that the women’s role in the home was as important as men’s in the political world. She had a girl whom was still born. Colonial warfare - stretching from the 1800’s, over a hundred year time period. They spread from Europe to the colonies. In 1715, the King of France, Louis XIV dies in the second colonial war. Louis the XV, a lesser king, takes control and is more interested in the wars in the new world. The 26 year rave was very good for the English colonies. In the first two colonial wars, France had an excellent chance in dominating the New World. The Native Americans would have said France would win the struggle. The entire dispute was overall very helpful to England. The English colonies move beyond the Appalachian Colonies. They colonists did not get heavily involved. Fur traders, mountain men, lived with the Native Americans. They learned their cultures and frequently married into the Indian tribes. France moves into the Colonies wars with a stronger alliance with the Natives. During the 26 year rave, England sends fur traders to the Americas, England makes connections with Natives. They took a step further than France did, they were great in Manufacturing. They could then offer more, better trade goods than France did. They took advantage of what France didn’t. King George’s War started in 1739. This was spread to the colonies. It, like many wars ended without a clear ruler of the new world. The French held the Fort Louisburg. England captured this fort during the war but after the treaty, the English gave it back
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The French and Indian War – The Great War for Empire. This war started in the colonies in 1754 and moved out. This had the potential to escalate into a world war. George Washington was ultimately responsible to starting the French and Indian War. He got
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