Thomas Paine and Common Sense

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Thomas Paine and Common Sense In order for Congress to declare Independence, the people must be behind the matter. Common Sense was written January 9 th , 1776. It was first came out in Philadelphia. He rejects the divine right of kings. Kings can be wrong and can make mistakes. He stated that King George III was bullying the colony and very wrong about the colonists. He also stated that America would be more prosperous without King George III. The heavy mercantilism was holding the colonists back. There were about 150,000 copies sold instantly and was read aloud in bigger cities. The pamphlet was passed on to more than just the people who read the book. The debate for independence begins after Common Sense was written. April 20 th, 1776 the Virginia House of Burgesses decided to tear all ties with Britain. June 7 th , 1776 Richard Henry Lee decided there must ba a Declaration Committee? They were R. R. Livingston, Roger Sherman, Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock and Benjamin Franklin. The primary
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