Jan 30th - Jan 30 th , 2008 Massacre of 1622 killed 350...

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Unformatted text preview: Jan 30 th , 2008 Massacre of 1622 killed 350 citizens at Jamestown 1623 the English retaliated, this has an effect on the whole world. Plymouth colony was up and running. In Virginia, it scares the settlers. In Plymouth colony to that point had no problem with the natives, it scares the Plymouths and they fear it will happen to them. The local Indians have nothing to do with the southern tribes in Virginia. 1624 Royal Charter Revoked. The colony is still losing money, despite the colony shipping tobacco and other crops, the colonies are not producing. The colonists are getting irritated about the whole monopoly of the Virginia Company. They did not care for the monopoly and for everything going to England. King James I revokes the royal charter and Virginia is no longer a colony, it is now a royal colony tied with the king only and not the merchants. 1625 King of England dies. King James I dies, his son Charles takes the throne. He has a different attitude towards the colonies; he is not interested at all. They continue to exist but King Charles decided attitude towards the colonies; he is not interested at all....
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