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January 18, 2008 History 105 Hohokam - located in the American southwest Cahokia - Located near St. Louis Missouri A printing press was invented and there was a newfound want for learning and exploration. Trade with Asia is becoming large with Europeans - spices, precious stones, and silks. There was an all- water route to Asia from Europe. Finding a water-route would be cheaper, faster, easier and safer. Merchant Class. Smaller less powerful countries are coming together to make larger countries more powerful, France Spain and Portugal for example. All of these are under powerful Monarchs. With the power and new wealth, they can afford to take voyages and explore. Portugal starts to explore, mainly on the continent of Africa searching for an all water route. They wanted to sail through Africa rather than through it. Several Portuguese map the coast of Africa. He mapped all the way down to the Cape of Good Hope. 10 years later he sailed all the way around Africa and up the coast to India. The Europeans were still looking for a quicker all-water route.
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