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January 23rd - January 23rd, 2008 Early Exploration and...

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January 23 rd , 2008 Early Exploration and attempts at settlement North America Amerigo Vespucci – knew Columbus and helped him on his first voyages. New geologist wanted to map the newly found world. Impact of ‘New World’ discoveries on Europe Spain Balboa Magellan o Resources/Technology o Disease The Americas have a tremendous impact on Europe. The Europeans are slightly disappointed because there is a large land mass in front of their way to Asia. Columbus had opened an almost limitless supply of natural resources. Intellectual changes occur as well with new animals and plants discovered. The Iguana, flying squirrel, Rattlesnake, Cougar and the bison are found. New food bearing plants are found. Potatoes are discovered. Tomatoes are also discovered in the Americas as well. The European diet is widened tremendously. The native people are then discovered. Were they from the Garden of Eden? Were they the holy people of the Israelites? Were they the lost people of advanced knowledge and culture? October 12, 1492! Germs and disease are discovered as well. Europe then decides to colonize the New
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January 23rd - January 23rd, 2008 Early Exploration and...

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