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Manufacturing Acts

Manufacturing Acts - Manufacturing Acts in any kind of...

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Manufacturing Acts – in any kind of mother country competition, the mother country would have to take action. Wool and Shoe Act (1699) Hat Act (1732) Iron Act (1750) = Raw iron had to be sent to England for finishing. By design, balance of trade favored the mother country Not totally one-sided – some industries allowed the colonies to dominate. o Tobacco growing was forbidden in England, great for the colonies especially in the South. o Fish – England was not interested in regulating the export of fish by the colonies. Parliament granted them to send fish wherever they pleased. Triangle trade o Derived from trading fish. It was between North America, The Caribbean and Africa. It consisted of Fish, Rum and Slaves. o Sugar in the Caribbean to take back to New England to produce rum. Slave trade flourished in the early 1700’s. All of these things followed in the triangle trade. Diversification of the colonies
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