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Chap 1 notes 9-4-07

Chap 1 notes 9-4-07 - B – C – Subnational government...

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Federalism Part 1 SI Sunday 8-850 HECC 108, Wednesday 8-850 HECC 108. Thursday 8-850 HRBB 104 The problem of territorial organization: Problem – Solution – create some kind of national government. By creating a sub-national government the state then can divide functions. Allocation Distribution Stabilization By creating sub-national govts state and locals can decide whether they should receive help. Unitary System Regional government Regional Government Central government Voters Central government grants powers to the regional governments. “Political system in which power is concentrated in regional governments” From voters to independent governments to the central government Federal system is where power is shared between regional and national govt. Federal vs. Unitary States NOT DIFFERENT Subnational govts. Democraticness DIFFERENT Sovereignty – concentrated of federal and state government A – National Government Sovereign
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Unformatted text preview: B – C – Subnational government sovereign In state and local govts. Do not do much. Decentralized govts. Do more. SO WHAT!?!?!? The constitutional structure + distribution of power = how politics works. Federal States may ‘look’ unitary and vice versa. Keeps US in context. Symmetrical vs. asymmetrical federalism Symmetrical federalism Same rights and powers Example U.S. Assymetrical Federalism Different powers Ex. Spain!!! Why form a federation¿¿ (advantages) • Govern a bigger territory. More people, bigger military, more labor. • Government closer to citizens. • Variation in policy • Policy experimentation • Accommodate ethnic diversity Disadvantages of federalism • Complexity • National and subnational govt. conflict • Redundancy • Bad policy possible • Unequal services • Exploitation, not protection, ethnic minorities...
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