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Chapter 4 notes-Political Participation Forms of political participation o Voting (30-55%) participate by voting o Involvement in campaigns o Contacting officials or lobbying Political participation is taking part in activities related to governance. o How do you participate? Vote Work in a party office or a campaign Wear a political button, t shirt, put a bumper sticker on your car or sign in your yard Donate money to a candidate or party Write letters, email or cal officials about a particular issue affecting you Types of political activists o If you answered you do not participate you are an (inactive) o If you (vote) you are a (voting specialist) o If you answered write letters about a particular issue you are a (parochial participant)concerned about issues that directly involve them o If you took part in many different aspects you are a campaigner (vote, campaign, bumper sticker, give money, talk politics) o If you vote, letter write, or issue march you are a (communalist) o If you answered to all of them you are likely to be a (complete activist) Political activity o Inactive 22% o Voting specialists 21% o Communalists 20% o Unclassified 7%
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o Complete activists 11% o Campaigners 15% o Parochial participants 4% Factors affecting who votes o Many reasons why people don’t vote o Socioeconomic explanations Age-young people less likely to vote than old people Income-rich people more likely to vote than poor people Race/Ethnicity White surveyed over half voted, over half of African American voted, 27% Hispanic voted Education-more educated higher chance of voting, less than a high school education lest than a quarter voted From individual to aggregate o Socio economic explanations are individual reasons why people don’t vote o Can tell us something about which states have higher turnout Turnout = % of those eligible to vote who do vote Other factors affecting state level turnouts o Elections by mail Since 1998 Oregon has done elections by mail
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Chapter4notes[1] - Chapter 4 notes-Political Participation...

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