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Chapter 5 Notes(2) - 1961 John Tower first Republican...

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Chapter 5 Notes Look at page 159 Dominance of the Yellow Dog Democrats Many voters would vote for a yellow dog before voting Republican 1940-1960 conflicts and competition within democrats Beginning of a change The “Shivercrats” o 1952 and 1956 many “Yellow Dog Democrats voted for Eisenhower o Dual nomination by both parties Competitive Politics
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Unformatted text preview: 1961 John Tower first Republican senator from Texas 71 candidates were running for the office. 1978 Republican Bill Clements elected governor. Conversion and election of Phil Gramm Parity 1988-1994 Birth and Rise of Yellow Pup Republicans? Governor Bush (1995-2000) Republican Dominance 2002-2004...
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