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Exam 1 study guide - Needed for Exam Scantron(882-E#2...

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Needed for Exam: Scantron (882-E) #2 Pencil Bring books, notes and handouts Test Format: Multiple Choice, T/F, Matching and short answer CHAPTER 1: Introduction: “What a joy it is to be human!” elaborates on humans conquering the physical world. We can choose to stay or to move on to a more competent student willing to learn and move on in the world. What makes this possible is our ability and nature to survive, to invent and to achieve and to change. It’s in our human nature to learn but fear and laziness tend to get in the way. Learning is a basic skill but must still be developed. You will have to fight and train in order to be the student you want to be. It will take practice in order to achieve a higher state of mind. Six Steps to Academic Transformation: 1. Brainstorm a list of at least three out comes you would like to accomplish within in the next six months. 2. Give a very brief reason next to each item on your list. 3. From this list create one goal that you could accomplish within the next few months. 4. Set a plan of action (at least three strategies/ specific behavior) to help you complete this goal. 5. Design a method to track the chosen behaviors you are doing. 6. Evaluate your progress weekly for your goal. 7. Make changes and adjustments as needed after you evaluate your progress. Autonomous Learner Competencies: Holding healthy views of themselves and their academic abilities. Behaving ethically
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Exam 1 study guide - Needed for Exam Scantron(882-E#2...

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