6 - Liberalism and Paine I. Liberalism vs. the Classical...

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Liberalism and Paine I. Liberalism vs. the Classical Theory II. The American Revolution. .. - The Pamphlet War III. Common Sense IV. Paine’s Model of Government I. The best way to put Liberalism into perspective is to compare it to Classical Theory. The Classical Theory was the baseline. This was a much older form of government in the times of Aristotle; Greek/ Ro- man. Classical Theory began with groups unlike Liberalism. Classical Theory said it was nat- ural to form groups. The important question for Classical Theory was “What kind of gov’t is best?” unlike Lib- eralism. This first form of gov’t that was a possibility was a Monarchy considered by Classical Theory. A Monarchy can be efficient, vigorous. The second form was an Aristocracy. The gov’t had men that new what were doing; a group of powerful wise men. The third possibility was democracy. The good in this was the people were able their own interests. Monarchies were fast, however, the people were never listened to. If an Aristocracy was chosen, the bad in this was there was a lack of interest of others. Classical Theory states that once of these three gov’t’s is chosen, the other two do not exist. This leads to corruption. The best way to deal with these three split governments is to have a Mixed Regime, combining all three gov’t’s together to create a balance. For example, a monarchy can become tyrannical on its own but with the other two gov’t’s, it can be limited. Democracy, if not careful, can become mob rule.
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6 - Liberalism and Paine I. Liberalism vs. the Classical...

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