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Phil Journal 3 - Once we know the amount of something we see a limit The mind simply does not work in such a way that it can process the concept of

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Lucas Montgomery February 22, 2008 Philosophy 1000 Journal #3 Where Are We Going? Although this is slightly abstract, I have been thinking about it consistently for the past couple days. Lets accept that there is no God, which would indicate that the Big Bang theory is true. I do not know a lot about the Big Bang, but I do know that we are currently under the impression that the universe is expanding. Expanding into what? Into nothingness? “Nothing” cannot exist, given that nothing is nothing. So what is this space that the universe is expanding into? What exists in this space that makes it something? Secondly, does this expansion have a limit? As we discussed earlier this year in class, the human mind has problems processing and understanding the concept of infinity.
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Unformatted text preview: Once we know the amount of something, we see a limit. The mind simply does not work in such a way that it can process the concept of something that has no limit. We understand finite amounts, but usually do not deal in infinite amounts. So, does this expansion have a limit? A wall of something, another universe, no more energy? I guess the question that I am working towards is: How can we put faith in the concept of the Big Bang? What instigated it? What existed prior to this explosion that eventually engendered complexities such as gravity, molecules, and life? If nothing can’t exist, then what are we expanding into, and in what setting, such as air or water, did this Big Bang suddenly occur?...
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