Journal Music as a Safe Haven

Journal Music as a Safe Haven - I was born into loving,...

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I was born into loving, nurturing environment. My mother spent years coddling me, holding me, and spoiling me. I was used to waking up every day knowing that I could hear the soothing, attentive voice of my mother to calm my every worry and do just the right things to make me know that I was the most important thing in the world. Before I knew it, I was a young teenager in junior high, when life revolved around friends and first crushes. My life was carefree. Then, somewhere along the line, my friends and I drifted apart, and my life was filled with voids and empty periods of time that would have previously been filled with fun times out with the girls. It’s during those times, those long, lonely days, where I regretted having ever wanted to grow up. I wanted attention, love, and warmth. I wanted peace and stability. I wanted my mother. The affection that I grew up with as a child was no longer—I was older and very independent, however cold and alone. I wanted to wake up knowing that I could look forward to something. I wanted something, anything,
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