test3notes - LUCCHETTI Rational: More known about partner,...

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LUCCHETTI Rational : More known about partner, more able to make better sexual choices (99.7% felt knowledgeable about safe-sex, but 40+% didn’t know history disclosure was safe sex practice) Double Bind : Trust V. Risk (want to disclose to promote trust but don’t want to disclose as to not destroy relationship). Need to self disclose to develop relationship, but being totally honest isn’t always the recipe for success; taboo topics could jeopardize relationship if self-disclosing happens too soon. Those who seek information are more likely to use protective practices, but sometimes asking or self-disclosing may endanger the relational health. Why Conceal?/How to Handle : stigma – promiscuous sexual history; trust v. risk (double bind); to protect self, relationship or partner; lead to too much self-disclosure; face threat. Concealing is jeopardizing to partner’s judgment. Handle tension by not using open communication or staying quiet about sexual history is not uncommon. Lie of Omission – avoid discussion of sexual history Lie of Commission – alter sexual history by intentionally misrepresenting to cope or not look so bad : 364 students (44% male, 56% female), 83% Caucasian (limitation?), 99% heterosexual (limitation?), 89% sexually active, 83% vaginal intercourse, 84% oral sex, 14% anal, 3.5 total lifetime partners R1 – How aware are you that disclosing sexual history in safe sex practice? 42% did not know, 37% disclosure not required, 99.7% know what safe sex is. R2 How truthful are you in disclosing your own sexual history? Lie of Omission: 32% didn’t tell with at least one, 17% didn’t tell at all. Lie of Commission – 24% misrepresented (men more likely than women) R3 – What is relationship between n awareness that disclosure is safe sex practice and truthfulness about disclosure? Those who believe disclosure is required are less likely to lie. Facts : urban #1, rural areas #2, suburban areas #3; 4 ways to improve USA sexual health – eradicate the sexual double standard (men and women responsible), teach sexual responsibility to young people (they experience sexual feelings so give info to them, be open and honest), respect all varieties of sexual expression as long as they are handled responsibly (protect against disease and unwanted pregnancy, no physical or psychological harm to anyone, consensual sex, no sexual exploitation of those too young to make good decisions), encourage trust (feels safe, no hurt or vulnerability) Other - 43% say oral isn’t as big of a deal as vaginal; 12 million cases of STDs a year (a lot of education was begun because of this – hopes to reduce hiv and stds by scare tactics which didn’t deter teens from having sex); moms are more comfortable talking to sons, but more likely to talk to daughters more about sex and birth control; 100% men didn’t disclose to at least 1 partner, 75% of men didn’t inquire about sexual partner’s history; of 50 students with
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test3notes - LUCCHETTI Rational: More known about partner,...

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