test1 - Nipce makes a view out the window with an 8hr...

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Niépce – makes a view out the window with an 8hr exposure Daguerre – “invented photography”; Daguerreotype; Frenchmen that continues Niépce’s ideas; was an artist and showman (owned a Diorama) Sir John Herschel – idea to use special salt to stop reaction (developing); coined terms “fix it,” “positive, negative,” “photography” (light-writing); astronomer and physical scientist; friend of Talbot Thomas Wedgwood – attempted to transfer paintings on glass to white leather and paper moinstend with nitrate of silver producing a negative image WHF Talbot – “invents photography”; Calotype/Talbotype; Englishmen interested in science and humanities; built a “mouse trap” which was a box of compounds that reacts with light Lacock Abbey – home of William Henry Fox Talbot Hippolyte Bayard – Frenchmen that also “invented” photography, direct positive on paper; didn’t receive credit or stipend from the French government; created the first image that is faked by posing like a drowned man; became prominent in photo scene; “Commission on Historical Monuments” Sally Mann – contemporary photographer that still does collodion and ether cause silver salts to stick Matthew Brady – Civil War photographer; opened portrait studio in New York City; better portraits at higher prices; portraits of celebrities Richard Beard – bought a patent from Daguerre’s agent to sell rights in England, Wales, and the colonies; started portrait studio; owned three places in London; patented coloring technique of daguerreotypes Albert Sands Southworth and Josiah Johnson Hawes – portrait photographers in Boston; respect for spirit and fact; André Adolphe Eugène Disdéri
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test1 - Nipce makes a view out the window with an 8hr...

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