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July 3, 2006 Franz Josef Haydn (1732-1809) First Viennese school Haydn Mozart Beethoven Age of aristocratic patronage Prince(s) Esterhazy Prince Esterhazy Baryton – string instrument Work Contract “Farewell” Symphony – needed to get vacation leave Continuous Forms (Fugue) Evolution of motives or musical ideas Melodic Harmonic Rhythmic Imitative [polyphonic] Leader Follower Inversion
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Unformatted text preview: Retrograde Harpsichord Analog Synthesizer J. S. Bach, Two-part Invention in D-minor Fugue Exposition Subject (tonic [I]) Answer (Dominant [V]) Countersubject Free Counterpoint Entry (subject [melody]) Episode (free counterpoint) Stretto (piling up) Fugue - Exposition S Subject (tonic) A Answer (dominant) T subject (tonic) B answer (dominant)...
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